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To develop new products some assumptions must be made with respect to the number of plastic parts required , and the targeted price. Identifying the intended use of the product will influence the part design, as well as the material chosen to be molded.


Multiple cavities, the ability to produce more than one part with each machine cycle, is directly related to the unit cost of the part and the initial investment required for the mold. More cavities reduces the piece price for the part, but conversely requires a greater initial cost for the mold, and sometimes a larger machine to run it.

The intended use has some bearing on the part design in terms of wall thickness and structure, as well as the selection of a material from the variety of plastic alternatives.

Nortic molds a great amount of lower priced commodity plastics such as polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyethylene.   More expensive, engineering grade materials and special additives are used where additional strength is required and durability where exposure to temperature extremes, chemicals, or sunlight might be an issue.

Along with aesthetic considerations such as color, texture, and features intended to facilitate the molding process, the development of new products is all about matching appearance, functionality, and cost, to optimize the result.