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Polystyrene- One of the most common plastics that is found in many consumer products. Polystyrene is inexpensive, easily processed, flexible, and easily recycled. Polystyrene can be clear or colored, and comes in various grades of impact resistance.

Polypropylene- Polypropylene has as wide variety of uses for different consumer products; it is inexpensive, flexible, and easily recycled. It is also known for its chemical resistance.

Polyethylene- Polyethylene is inexpensive, used for chemical resistance, flexibility, translucence, easily recycled and is used for many consumer products.

GPPS- General Purpose Polystyrene is inexpensive, used primarily for its low cost, gloss and water clear characteristics.

ABS-ABS is a more durable styrene alloy. Because of its strength it is often used for spools, reels, and glossy varieties are typical of automotive applications.