• 6099 Judd Road, Oriskany, NY 13424


A walk through Nortic’s facility reveals the diversity of products made and industries served. Of course, plastic spools and boxes are predominant.  Those parts for which the tooling is owned by Nortic is available for sale to anyone.  Some spools, boxes, and other items are molded exclusively for the tooling’s owner. As a custom molder Nortic is supplying manufacturers of sporting goods, pumps, sprayers, advertising specialties, etc.

All of these products begin with a design. In some cases, an existing part can be used as a template to duplicate, or to produce a better, or less expensive version of a design. In other cases Nortic has the capability to bring a concept from a rough idea to the finished product. The process often means a hand-drawn sketch becomes a 3-dimensional file of the part, sometimes a part design can be finalized at this point. Sometimes a prototype of the product is necessary. Nortic, usually in conjunction with an outside designer, will use its experience to optimize the design for manufacturing ability and efficiency, while taking advantage of plastic’s unique qualities.

Some assumptions have to be made about the number of parts which will likely be required, the proper material to meet the customer’s requirements for durability and appearance. Nortic has experience with many kinds of plastic materials, and additives to match almost any desired color and resistance. Molds can be textured to imitate other surfaces and finishes.

Nortic relies on outside tool designers to develop the tool design. Those familiar with injection molding will understand that a mold may produce one part with each cycle, multiple examples of the same part depending upon the number of cavities incorporated into the mold. Sometimes multiple cavities of different parts of the same material are present in the same mold, a “family mold.”

In general, more cavities in a tool represent a higher initial investment, and a lower price per production unit, again Nortic’s experience along with material flow analysis each contributes to successful production.