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Some assumptions have to be made about the number of parts which will likely be required, the proper material to be used to meet the customer’s requirements for durability and appearance. Nortic has experience with many kinds of plastic materials, and additives to match almost any desired color and resistance. Molds can be textured to imitate other surfaces and finishes.  When quality and meeting specifications are the highest concern we often turn to the following plastics. 

Nylon-Nylon is used in the production of fibers and products of all shapes and sizes. Nylon is used for its impact resistance, chemical resistance and is known for its strength and durability.

Polycarbonate- Polycarbonate is often referred to by the brand name Lexan, it is durable and can stand up to high heat. It is also known for its clarity and glossiness.

Acrylic-known for its clarity, stiffness and rigidity, it is also commonly known as Plexiglas

Polyacetal- Polyacetal is used for its chemical resistance and durability.

Butadiene Styrene Alloy commonly referred to by the brand name K-Resin. It is a styrene alloy which allows for clarity and impact resistance and flexibility.

Thermal Plastic Rubbers (TPR) – TPR is a plastic rubber, a flexible material that is great for grips or when shock absorption is required.

Many other plastic alloys as recommended .