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Plastic Boxes

Along with molds for spools designed for fishing line, Nortic acquired molds for plastic boxes. These were primarily designed for use as “point of sale” packaging for small items, and featured a transparent one-piece construction.  A “living hinge” connects the lid and the container’s main body. Flexible materials with varying degrees of clarity are used for this purpose. Polypropylene, a less expensive material can be substituted when “water clear” transparency is not required. Solid colors and tints are also possible.


Nortic’s experience with plastic boxes and “living hinges” has resulted in the development of more durable, polypropylene boxes for a variety of purposes including medicines, hardware items, electronics, and firearms. As a custom molder Nortic has developed compartmental boxes for use with fly fishing, arts and crafts, and pill boxes. Most of these are made of polypropylene, which permits a variety of colors. Nortic has built tooling which is used for repair kits on military vehicles and to accommodate gun cleaning kits. In some cases Nortic has supplied foam inserts for these applications, included texturing, engraving, and hot stamp decorations.

Size (L) (W) (D) Material Color Case Quantity
P-2 2 1/8 1 3/8 7/8 K CL 600
P-4 3 2 1/4 1 K CL 480
P-12 2 7/8 1 1/4 1/3 K CL 1000
P-24 2 7/8 1 1/4 5/8 K CL 1050
P-55 4 4 1 3/4 K CL 192
K: K-Resin, CL: Clear

Molded Boxes Dimensions

Special Purpose Boxes

Nortic has produced a number of polystyrene and polypropylene containers to meet specific customer requirements for toolkits, firearms, and hardware items.  In some cases this tooling may be used with permission from the owner of the tooling. Ask about these, or if a one-piece container may be designed and manufactured for your specific purpose.