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Plastic Injection Molding

Pouring molten metals into a form, allowing it to harden and removing the mold to reveal the intended shape has been going on for thousands of years. Forcing non-metallic materials into a mold under some pressure, removing the parts and repeating the process, utilizing the same mold to produce a nearly identical object, dates back to the 1800’s. What we call injection molding is the best method to mass produce highly accurate, and often complex, three dimensional parts.

The Nortic Advantage

Few items encountered in the course of everyday life do not include some kind of molded product. The wide variety of materials and additives available is changing, evolving to meet the challenges, strength, durability, appearance, and cost. Nortic Inc was originally created to produce plastic spools used for fishing line. The use of plastic spools for this purpose has in some ways paralleled the development of synthetic fibers and monofilaments. Nortic found a receptive market for spools molded in one piece, providing for greater structural integrity and whole controlled production costs. Nortic was able to find users for spools outside the fishing tackle industry. However, the company has continued to stress the one-piece design.

The Process

The process has changed very little in the last half century, but the technology has changed to make the machinery more efficient, more accurate and more capable to handle a wider variety of plastics and molds. Most of this has been accomplished through the marriage of components to the conventional molding system. Movement of molding machines components through the use of hydraulic cylinders and motors has largely been replaced by all electric drive systems. More than half of Nortic’s equipment is now fully electric.