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Whether an established manufacturer or an individual with a new bright idea, Nortic is eager to see new products move from concept to a final part design, to tooling and to the market.

A NYSE manufacturer of medical devices wanted a spool very similar to those Nortic sells for monofilament fishing line. Dimensionally however, none of Nortic’s stock spools met their requirement. A simple enlargement of the existing design seemed feasible; maybe even a modification of an existing mold. After some discussion it was decided to build a new 4 cavity hot runner tool. An offshore source was chosen to lower initial cost. To achieve the production requirements piece price objectives and minimize sharp or jagged edges. At Nortic’s suggestion some plastic was removed to lower the weight/cost. The mold has produced neatly 200,000 pieces in the first five months. The customer’s quality standards have resulted in an effort on Nortic’s part to commence its own ISO certification.